TF2 Medic Loadouts - The Blitzkrieger

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  • tageneislover reply Nice video! And pretty high quality. This is the only video on your channel, but I'm following you from now on, because I want to see more content from you.
  • Portal_God reply Personal opinion: keep the background music quieter than your voice. There are points in this video where I cant quite hear you well because of this. Other than that, great video.
  • Vick-McBread reply ------------New Loadouts •Wrap Assassin, Flying Guillotine, Scattergun • Atomizer, Criticola, Force-a-Nature. (or you can use the winger if you REALLY wanna jump and bounce and dodge.)
  • Vick-McBread reply Nice unusual. Personally I don't find the kritz medigun to be the best at helping a bad team. If you don't wanna pocket the best player on the team, then use the quick fix because you can keep everyone alive so they can do SOMETHING, and save any person who is actually doing something but who is low. Hey THANKS for letting me know about what I'm able to do with the kritzkriege. I don't have good experiences with this medigun but now I think I'll try it in some situations.
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