Live with Regret | Tip 4 (#T4H)

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  • [ – ] Faux_Fox reply Hey, how are you? :) I really love this because I have personally struggled with this and I still do, actually. I think about things a lot and there is so much I wish I hadn't done or said. I regret a lot of things. For me personally, it comes down to forgiving myself and learning to move on. I will get there but it just takes time. This is a wonderful message. :) <3<3<3
    • [ – ] Xexor parent reply :) I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, it's something I think most of us (including me) need to work on. It can be hard to hold yourself to a standard that is unreasonable. Everyone makes mistakes, and once they are made, you usually can't undo them. But forgiving yourself, forgiving others, and moving forward can make them a lot less painful and make you a lot happier.
      • [ – ] Faux_Fox parent reply Well, I really appreciate you and the kind things you do. Making these videos is just one of the many, many things. It shows people that we are all the same. We all hurt, we all struggle, and we are not alone. :)
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