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Sneak Peeks // This Means So Much To Me [subscribers only]

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  • massctrlzam My buddy has AD
  • elflord71 I just learned one of my cousins has autism. I believe that now makes four. Also a three year old niece spent almost her first year in the hospital. I'm glad she's doing better and at home now. I work with some of them. To help them learn. The same thing needs to be repeated hundreds of times. Some have ADHD. So many things that people have. Sometimes people think things are the same but the symptoms aren't always the same. I get obsessive compulsive with my work. The things you have going on is cool. Just keep doing your thing. Have fun. Enjoy your weekend.
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow It's probably the most fair for the subscriptions to match the patreon.
    • [ – ] redRomina parent I also can't offer some of the same rewards because of Patreon having a text feed and vidme not having that.
      • theoldsparrow parent That's a good point. I should probably look at your patreon rewards before I stick my foot in my mouth. :D
    • redRomina parent That is what I decided on. Although, I've made it slightly lower on Vidme to see if some of my Patrons will switch over.
  • redRomina lol woops. i said i got my fidget spinner at vidme. i meant to say vidcon.
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