Not All “Fake News” is Fake: The Death of Independent Journalism

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  • WebNoob reply Fuck the system.
  • SG_Studios reply I would like to add that it may be the company's "moral obligation" to protect free speech and the values which made them successful, but it is equally important for the USERS to understand their "moral obligation" to STOP using and supporting financially companies that act in an overtly hostile way toward western ideals...
  • Sharpwing reply Welp, I sent a very strongly worded email from the heart about how I feel about the US's approach to "Fake News" and I was very civil about it and even gave examples to how mainstream media wasn't being honest with us and acted unfairly towards us. Hopefully it will have some effect on what my local Rep decides to do.
  • Sharpwing reply I've been against government in a lot of regards on account of the corrupt forefront it now operates. I refuse to be told what I cannot say and do by a market I as a customer and a citizen of the world have contributed so much to. Though I do ask how we stop them if their goal is to silence us and the general populus are completely unaware of the situation? Especially the countries that will have content like this blocked.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply It seems that for every John Stossel, there's at least a dozen of Alex Jones, Joel B Pollack, Lamar White, Jr., and Rachel Maddow. By the way, those who think that Trump is anti-establishment are morons. (Considering that he took millions in govt. subsidies, support for the Clintons in the '90s, having John "War Criminal" Bolton as one of his staff members, and backed by law-enforcement lobby groups, who are dishonest, corrupt, and will fight/threaten anyone who dares challenge them.) Nevertheless, he isn't as shitty as Obama, Sanders, and Clinton, but only by a small margin.
  • Quiescence reply Hezio, this isn't slow by any means, the censorship is already upon us
  • Quiescence reply Danielinho, download it then play in vlc, you can control speed
  • Danielinho26 reply Can't watch videos in normal speed. I'm used to 1,5 - 2x. Is there a way to speed them up?
  • wqqqwq21 reply We keep voting in authoritarians into government and they enable these mega corps to control and monitor us. Hopefully Trump and Brexit are a beginning to counter this trend.
  • TheLegend69 reply You deserve a cookie for starting to pump videos here. Sooner or later half the "Anti-Fake-News" Will fall.
  • CigarBGuitarefx reply Part of the solution to this problem is free software. Use sights that promote freedom of speech like duckduckgo and use free software such as Linux that does not track you and feed your information to the government. There's no foolproof way to keep from being tracked at the moment, but the more that the public demands free software that is free of government intrusion, the harder it will be to accomplish content blocking and suppression of free speech.
  • Seawolf25 reply disagree in a lot fo ascpects of this, but good video!
  • Hezio reply 1984 Slowly becoming true...
  • SG_Studios reply Check out this interesting theory:
  • Datalist reply It's pretty scary to think all it took to ruin the media's credibility was Donald trump winning the election. Now the media is getting caught red handed spreading lies.
  • sambiak reply There is something I don't understand with your argument. Why would the intelligence act target sites like info wars? The act targets Russian propaganda of which info wars does not take part.
  • Psi-Pi reply VID.ME is a gorgeous looking site BUT i have my complaints. First off, this comment... why the hell do i have to scroll to the bottom to type a comment? yeah I'm sure that'll work great on a video with 50k comments. Second the search bar. It folds out when you press the magnifying glass... What? why isn't it folded out by default? To make it look neater? well it ain't working it's just a (very) MINOR nuisance that a small update probably could fix. Third (although not fault of the site) I can find hardly any of the YT'bers i'm watching on VID.ME which makes it hard to not go back to YT. Now to say something about this video. It seems the NAZIS are back with their fucking censoring.... Idiot people all over the world let me tell you this. If you don't have the freedom to be an asshole, you aren't free
  • Jay440 reply Anarchy!!
  • Paradoxical5 reply I just joined Vidme after watching this. Thanks Dave!
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