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  • [ – ] ZenGamesTV reply really dont get why people like Tokyo ghoul
    • [ – ] SeaTactics parent reply Do you mean Anime or Manga? The anime is okay, it has a lot of problems, but solid none the less. The manga though is a different story, it's very good. It has great Characterizations, great art, great plot and story.
      • [ – ] ZenGamesTV parent reply i actually mean the anime, sorry to say...i know alot of people like it... art was quite good, but the characterization was limited by the story which i felt wasnt that great
        • [ – ] ZenGamesTV parent reply its may just be that im old, but let me summarize the show, Timid crybaby boy almost gets killed , then by some stroke of luck becomes what almost killed him and meets a bunch of other monsters that baby sit him till he is finally able to grow a spine and suddenly become a badass with badass music playing in the back ground in order to defeat an antagonist whos sole purpose for existing was to bring him to that point...season 1 end
          • [ – ] SeaTactics parent reply Well it goes much much deeper than that in the manga. There are many people involved, and it wasn't an accident he had organs of a ghoul transplanted into his body. And the reason he was tortured is to become a brain washed soldier, but it fails and Kaneki learns how to use Rize's strength. And the reason he was a timid crybaby is because that was his character and he develops into a character that has to stop an evil doctor from creating more super ghouls.
            • [ – ] ZenGamesTV parent reply well like i said earlier , i know alot of people like the show, it just doesnt do it for me
              • SeaTactics parent reply And that's okay, I don't like the anime either and in general anime is really insane. So either way, have a nice day, ZenGames. I had fun discussing this.
        • SeaTactics parent reply I agree for the most part (I don't like the art), especially with Root A they just ruined my interest for the anime.
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