Disable Auto Updates In Windows PC (Stop Windows 10 Auto Rebooting)

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  • [ – ] Howesenberg reply I've seen a compilation of Twitch streams where Windows update has completely disruption their live streams causing some funny/harsh rage incidents. Cool idea for a channel, have you considered placing the videos into albums as you cover quite a range of tech tips?
    • ITSnippets parent reply This is also one of the older video's I did (before i realised that having the brand front and center might not be the best way to grab attention and stated making custom thumbnails...) I created a new intro about a month or so back and am working on a new outro just now.
    • ITSnippets parent reply Yes, I'm new to vidme so not done it here yet, but the you tube side has a couple (windows spying and kodi builds). There is a series that wont make sense just now (last weeks video for example on getting windows updates for slipstreaming, get installed windows program list, backup windows drivers, get windows media legally etc). They are all building up to creating a slipstreamed windows install disk and then using it to create a not only unattended reinstaltion media but also a recovery partition on the hard drive :).
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