Linux Myths I m tired of Hearing

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  • [ – ] shangrily reply My 63 year old mother now uses linux because I got tired of removing all the viruses of of her system, she didn't seem to understand that you shouldn't turn off your antiviris software because it updates to often, then proceed to install stuff from adds to enter to win crap.
    • wearegods parent reply Honestly that's the reason I suggest Linux for a lot of computer illiterates. Linux does get virii but mostly affecting servers, such as zero day.
  • [ – ] VictorSavelle reply I don't personally think it's hard to use, recent Linux distros have been one click installs and real user friendly. The major problem is still with compatibility of most popular software, not from software giants (as most major software is now ported and maintained) but everyday software and sheer amount of choices. I boot into Ubunto for example when my workflow is R&D and when I don't want Windows10 spying on keystrokes potentially...
    • [ – ] wearegods parent reply Oh you can disable telemetry recording on Windows 10 relatively easily. There you go, that should help you. That program has the ability to stop the telemetry recording and add a bunch of stuff to the windows firewall to block spying. What I disliked majorly were the silent installs which I disabled via the use of regedit.
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply It crashes. Umm...then ask when was the last time their Mac or Windows machine crashed and then I show how long my machine has been up. Myth debunked. ^_^
    • wearegods parent reply Every OS and program can potentially crash. Mine crashes quite regularly but that's due to me using bleeding edge, stuff not even out of alpha yet. However I also produce patches. *Shrug* It's users like that which prevent the end user from experiencing an unstable system. ^__^
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