BEHAVE NATURE! | Subnautica #2

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  • [ – ] Ledgitimate reply This video makes me want to get back into the amazing game that is Subnautica. :) Nice work Sal!
  • Glassic_Gamer reply The Cuddlefish egg is supposed to be in the precursor base with the big gun.
  • OldMcMelon reply Oh Fish Tits.
  • GreatPlanesOfWW3 reply And GODDAMN I LOVE your accent and speaking voice. If you want to be a voice actor in my animated series, PLEASE just let me know. You would make a totally memorable character. And I'll make your character look super cute.
  • GreatPlanesOfWW3 reply This was really cool. But I'm new, I'm making the serial "Great Planes Of WW3" I'm a Blender animator, and I need followers so that I can show my animations in 1080p and get discovered like the rest of you. Can you guys watch the first episode of my animated serial:
  • Pkrussl reply Your base is pretty cool! Gonna have to check this game out for sure!!
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