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  • [ – ] mygamecrashed reply Hi Cameron! Pretty cool video man! I really like your style :D hoping to see more soon
  • [ – ] CameronComix reply Follow me or I'll cry
  • Orginaljun reply Unfortunately youtube is digging deeper in his own grave. I am not sure if you have heard or not (Youtube doenst like to update youtubers about their site, so you have to find it out yourself.-_-). What i mean is a couple of months ago, Many company's have decided to pull out from the adsense and don't want to be seen in or at the side of video's, due to hate/speech video's at youtube. Because of this Youtube has now even stricter rules who can have adsense, which is only big famous youtubers and most of us even if we have adsense enabled we will not be able to see ads at our youtube video's. I lost trust in youtube, Thats why i stick with vidme of course i have still my youtube, but i will not upload there anymore, only on vidme. People will know what i mean if you google: Google's bad week
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