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  • [ – ] spicytots reply im so conflicted, ive heard this is really good but at the same time i cant see myself enjoying it for some odd reason... but godddd your review makes me so curious as to why you wouldve gone 3 times to watch it and i need to know whats up
    • [ – ] MagnusProphecy parent reply Think of it as a movie first and a musical second. There are very few musical numbers in the film, but it's their use and spacing that makes them that much more impactful. I hate most musicals and I hold no nostalgia nor love of Hollywood, but this movie makes a good case for loving both. It's almost surreal. Thanks, btw!
      • spicytots parent reply i dont really like musicals either especially in movie format (oh god les mis) but youre literally saying everything im saying but still enjoyed it UGH maybe i will go see it.... you are too convincing sir
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