Let's Play System Shock 2017 Demo - First Impressions | 2 Left Thumbs

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  • [ – ] BlunderingFool reply He-hee, I'm hyped to Pluto and back for the new SS. Took me forever to figure out how to get that lift working though, so I'll probably spend forever trying to finish the thing when it comes out. =P Good job playing the game whilst still somewhat drunk too. I just wind up ill whenever I get close to drunk. XD
    • [ – ] 2LeftThumbs parent reply Hey, my first channel comment! Thanks man :) I am proud for putting together this video considering how hungover I was. But maybe the cranky vibe it gave the video make it more enjoyable? haha I would guess from "Blundering Fool" that maybe you enjoyed the sauce? lol
      • [ – ] BlunderingFool parent reply Sauce? Na, although I would mention it's a bad idea to leave in minute long gaps in your video, like when it crashed/corrupted before. For example, I uploaded an episode of yooka-laylee and got a phonecall right in the middle, so I booted up Windows Movie Maker and chopped that out. As long as you get the jump-cut apologies down it's not that jarring, although maybe that's just my opinion. <.=.<
        • 2LeftThumbs parent reply Oh that was definitely a mistake!! I think that might have been a rendering issue that I missed, because I would never intentionally leave a big glitch in like that!
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