HomTom HT17 Pro Phablet Review

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  • [ – ] OfficialStoryLol reply Chances they ship that with spyware pre-installed... 99.999%
    • [ – ] CigarBGuitarefx parent reply Point taken, but I bet that name brand phones have similar spyware. Though one is using it to sell your information to advertisers and the other might just steal your credit card info.
    • TheAwesomeTRex parent reply Yeah! Hell I didn't even think of that, actually now I'm remembering when I tried a Chinese made shredder program on my PC, and while installing that thing literally proceeded to ask me how many family members my household had! That shit was terrifying! It wouldn't even let me stop the installation, I literally had force shut down my PC to stop it!
  • WeirdestNews reply Wow!!!! That phone looks just as good as my Channel which is pretty fucking good. 😎
  • Waces_Ferpit reply ZenUi is a thing... It can use the Drawer or No Drawer mode, you can hide or lock apps, and use different themes/icons.
  • Amaz1ngPizza reply have been using a Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime for about 4 months now, which is a sort of mid-end smart phone in terms of specs, costed me about 160$ while a phone with similar specs by Samsung would cost around 250$, getting a budget chinese phone seems like a great deal nowadays
  • cooking-with-zaphod reply Nice opinions! Great job on the filming!
  • AbbasAmir reply The phone looks good!
  • SuperN3rdMaster reply The real question dose it bend?
  • blindfire reply I'd buy it if I were in the market for phones.
  • The_Kingbreaker reply No blend test? Looks like I'll buy another note 4
  • RockyTopPlays reply I have a old nexus 6 it still looks nicer than this phone but this phone is under 100 so it isn't that bad.
  • danielamann reply For the cost, and the market it is probably trying to hit, I think this is probably a good option (such as for my grandparents, this would be a great smartphone option) but for someone like me I couldn't see myself using something like this. Impressed by the fingerprint scanner however
  • MikeDance reply Not bad for €80 :)
  • BlunderingFool reply Quiet honestly, no app drawer works for me anyway, since I toss everything into folders as it is. If I can remove one useless tap hundreds of times then that's a plus, albeit a tiny one. Probably the sort of thing I'd wind up buying since I'm poor as it is. Wonder how much a kidney is worth right now. /s
  • Rhyzir reply I prefer a bit of bezel. Otherwise the screen gets inadvertently contacted when I'm holding the device securely enough that it won't be dropped. Having no bezel looks nice when it's sitting on a table but doesn't work well in the real world.
  • SamEarl13 reply Definitely looks good for that sort of price but you've got to wonder how much memory or processing power it has. From personal experience with a cheap phablet they sometimes give you almost no space forcing you to pay out for a SD card to store things.
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