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  • Switchblade_Jackson1 reply Well said! I never thought about it but you're right, these useful idiots would never refer to a trump supporter as a national socialist. Somehow the marxist were able to protect the word socialist from being associated with hitler, but made sure a nationalist is equated to racist or evil.
  • UnderTheBus reply To put again simply contradictions are a means to keep secrets without revealing the whole truth. The word contradiction can be equated with the word double speak from George Orwell's 1984.
  • UnderTheBus reply The colors black red and white that Antifa uses to identify it's organization is the worship of abraxas (black), satan (red) and lucifer (white). So there is definitely a occult connection to Antifa which probably explains the contradictory beliefs. Because if you think about it the Freemasons who operate the group are contradictions in themselves to were they believe in the free will of mankind but abate the free will of mankind whenever possible.
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