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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Really good video, glad I came across your channel, just today I was discussing with @therunningrebel about getting back into running. But bro, putting down cookies, I can't see past that, you see I like food. I cycle but I need to do more 🤔
    • [ – ] ThePatelsUSA parent reply You can do it!! Let's do a monthly fitness video. How bout dat? ;)
      • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply Oh god no, hitting targets is definitely one of my shortcomings. it's like pulling teeth, avoid as long as possible. But in hindsight, I'm very happy to watch others like yourself maintaining the healthy lifestyle (I'm procrastinating I know).
        • [ – ] ThePatelsUSA parent reply Well, biking is not easy, I am sure you are getting your workout done by doing daily biking. Keep it up. you should do Drone shots while you are on your bicycle.
          • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply I wish, my other 2 brothers do triathlons, I have a block when it comes to running, I just don't want to run, it feels wrong. I keep telling my family, god created the bicycle so we don't have to run, I'm sticking to that theory (for now). Unfortunately, drones are not worth the legal battles, we are not even allowed to use drones over public parks. 😞
  • [ – ] thomasbeirne reply Neat .I am north of 220 and feel pretty good I changed the diet Jan 9,2016 I have gained say 13 or more pounds and am roughly the same pants size. I found the 2 things that were of great benefit chicken breast skinless. and eggs. I love the chicken breast and sometimes go for the eggs. i noticed when i was having eggs on a regular basis the momentum seemed greater. I also for a while had a lot of hamburgers but the protein to calorie in the chicken breast is better i find.I am saying for myself this is what i have done. I am technically obese although I don't feel it
    • ThePatelsUSA parent reply For me, Chicken and egg also worked. What worked best for me is to cut down carbs completely after 6 pm and go with high protein low-fat food as dinner. The workout also pushes you to the next level. So I am super excited 12 weeks and will be back to where I was. Can't wait.
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