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  • [ – ] NickOfTime reply WEED HITS YOU LIKE A FRIGGIN' TRUCK, AMIRIGHT??? The first time I did it was while watching the Mystery Lights way out in Marfa, Texas. You take, like, five puffs and you go from sober to HEEEYYYY. I could not stop laughing. Like, at all. Also, I've never been hungriest in my entire life. I was SHOVELING FRIGGING NILLA WAFERS LIKE THEY WAS MY BLOOD. And then we took a wrong turn, car full of weed smoke, and pulled straight up to e Border Checkpoint. The patrol guy had a dog too. To this day, I have no idea how we got out of that. He just took our licenses, asked if we were American citizens and then told us to have a good night. He didn't even use the dog. Had he used the dog, we would have be f***ed sideways to Sunday. Your story was SO FUNNY!!! Thanks for the nostalgic trip to my own Weed Days! Have a great day, Fellow Nick!
  • [ – ] rulesforrebels reply Good story bro
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