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  • [ – ] thevoidisfull reply Im not sure I understand the connection. Advertisements cost money and can be targeted to almost any specific audience. But I'm not a gamer so maybe I just don't get it at all. I think I'm too old . Lol! But how shitty to get that many dislikes on an add. Lol! And now I know for my next video to record in 240p because it upsets people! The reality is , some people can have $ to pay for ads, and others can complain but not have money. Who wins? The person who has money and bills paid. Just my 2cc's (steroid terms) #amIserious ??? ;) muah!
    • _Royalty parent reply Haha I think people find it funny that somebody paid thousands to advertise a Call of Duty montage that wasn't at the best of standards :)
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