There were no Superstitions

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  • [ – ] Nordwolf reply It is a great feeling to be amongst Varg's first followers! :-)
  • [ – ] maxlac reply Marie Cachet should also create a vidme channel
    • Avonalken parent reply Don't you think this is a bit rude?(Not going to infringe on your freedom of speech) But as an old saying goes "Treat people the way you want to be treated." :)
  • whatathymeitwas reply I'd be interested to hear your thoughts and take on the Jungian concept of synchronicity, since it's quite the accepted theory by many (ranging from psychoanalysts to spiritualists) as a "paranormal" phenomenon, as opposed to just sheer coincidence. Thanks for making sure we have somewhere to view your videos of YouTube gets (more) ridiculous.
  • wrj1 reply I tend to agree. If we are to ensure that we keep all of our "abilities", we must do our best to use our gifts. There is something about these coincidences that make me believe there is a lot that we don't really know or understand. Technology is not always good or bad, but sometimes we are better off without.
  • Mittarv reply Woho fuck youtube!
  • FranciscoComelli67 reply If you think about it, what you talk about in this video is almost a matter of common sense! But common people have a hard time letting go of the catholic-based notion of ancient Europeans being a bunch of cuckoos... For example, I have friends who watch the series "Vikings". From time to time I talk to them about how the Nordic men of those days were not a bunch of drug addicts who were solely lustful for gold and orgies, and that they were quite knowledgeable about lots of things (like natural medicine, metallurgy, etc) and had amazing spiritual wisdom... but to no avail! They cling to the "official" version...
  • Valkyrian reply Master your Body, Mind, and Spirit! Attain Godhood!
  • Mittarv reply Someone needs to tell the golden one about vidme.
  • Irminsul2017 reply Hail Varg. I am gonna be supporting you here as well as still on youtube as long as it still exists. Cheers.
  • Thornack reply the things i experienced on this, is almost exactly the same, the strong feeling linked to a " knowing" and within a few minutes, it comes out! perhaps the fates!? (of course the fates are a archetype linked to this) nice vid :)
  • morty2203 reply liker virkelig å se på endel av greiene dine Varg! jeg fulgte rådet og er nå på vidme! have a nice sunday...=)
  • Avonalken reply A really interesting perspective, I try to avoid Christians (Modern ones) because they're a bit crazy (Not talking about their belief but their close-mindedness) If I could talk to an older past person I'd want to talk to the Scandinavian and or Han people to see what "Magic/Legends" they believed in and where they come from.
  • Styxfollower reply Unexpected but made me think and feel unexpectedly soothed
  • 4banger1234 reply look to the skies ...its all in the eyes.....this rhymes for no good reason
  • Restless-Researcher reply The Romans called Christianity a superstition (superstitio).
  • Wyrdin418 reply Danke, Varg Bright-Brow! Exactly! Technology can make us removed from aspects of reality. Reliance on watches and clocks is the same thing - anyone can test this by looking at a clock and checking the time (before entirely doing away with timepieces and have an inner stipulated knowing of the time in accordance with your area) at the moment of laying down to sleep, and "choosing" (same faculty involved in recalling a memory, or finding an item.... the little "me" may strive, but the greater "me" already knows, being part of the greater - same with photographic memory and total recall) what time to wake up and look at said timepiece. This is part of reforging the Earth-Self with the Sky-Self ....main reason we're here folks. Tuning into radio transmissions, which fill the air, is along similar lines.... but why would you want to, such nuissances. Same way with "tuning in", you can "tune out" certain things, like the whispers of dark spirits or the hoards of transdimensional alien poopyp...moreants who flock to anyone who doth raises their heads above the throngs of sheepified humans, or alternatively the "angel" beings who approach those of more loftier spiritual inclinations. Your WAY is unlocked by your WILL (definite and wholehearted CHOICE). As we step away from the distractions of the concerted and conscious suppression of humanity, we will indeed "discover ourselves" and "rediscover our abilities"! Luck and the fortunes are the world getting in step with our own self-blessing, our own consignment, or deigning of empowered living.
  • Reyjakai reply All I can think about this video is: "WE WUZ WIZARDS N' SHEIT."
  • wardruna666 reply Really Nice video , I can relate to it quite well
  • Tomfxh reply Hey does anyone have doom guards address on vid me? The address I got seems wrong or the platform is not working propper.
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