Coffee and Bojack (Podcast #3 w/Marzipandorica ,, SPOILER ALERTS)

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  • [ – ] IdiotComedy reply I haven't watched much of that show. I'd put South Park and Rick and Morty ahead of it.
    • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply South Park may have paved the way for modern shows but... Both Rick and Morty and Bojack do add on to the ironic and bright idea we already saw come into play with questioning our own existence and emotions rather than poking fun at every crevice society. South Park did have dark moments and poked at science and religion, but when it comes down to it; South Park existed in a different time when more people buried their issues and most shows were too innocent to their liking. Today, the media is split between careless (edgy with no purpose, South Park) and careful (edgy with a purpose, anything artsy trying to teach you about something) controversial. The nihilistic shows such as BH and R&M created a midpoint between the two (not trying to teach but isn't edgy for the sake of it) which is a breath of fresh air. Rick is not PC at all but people who are more PC can still enjoy the show and understand why Rick is an important character. I know South Park did touch up on PC culture, but the...morey're not truly in the midpoint of careless and careful from how I see it and can't easily evolve to the exact point where BH and R&M due to timing and how the show was set up.
      • [ – ] Marzipandorica parent reply I think you hit the nail on the head. South park is a social commentary but no purpose outside of comedy, which is fine but in the end it's not that much different than full house. It's a fun 30 minute story but at the end everything resets. Anything the season covers or satires is only because that's what was currently going on, so jokes were relevant but the topics that were joked about were not relevant to the creators at all, they could have been anything R&M also does 30 minute self contained stories but the effects do carry on with the characters in an impactful way in the future episodes. But never to a point to fundamentally let the characters grow but just because it would be more organic. And they choose each topic carefully not because it was the current relevant buzzword topic but because it was relevant to the creators. And your're 100% its not to teach or preach but just because legitimately found it interesting to them. Now Bojack goes even farther and is completely ab...moreout a character and their journey. the drama of the story and the characters is the most important thing and the comedy is there to enhance that journey but not be the focus. It's really a complete 180 from the 30 minute sitcoms, like full house or the more adult oriented south park. And that's completely intentional and exactly why I love the show.
    • [ – ] Marzipandorica parent reply I wouldn't put South Park ahead of it, great show but it's grown stale in it's long run. I would put Rick and Morty ahead but it would be pretty close. Also they're very different shows, Bojack is a dark drama first and a comedy second. Rick and Morty is a comedy first and Dark drama second, if that makes sense.
      • [ – ] IdiotComedy parent reply Look at the ratings and the numbers from that perspective South Park would win by a lot I think. But its all preference. I agree they are different types of shows just for me personally that's the order I'd watch in if I had free time. I probably put making own content as a higher priority than both at the moment.
        • [ – ] Marzipandorica parent reply By that logic the Big Bang Theory is a masterpiece and not a complete garbage show that panders to the lowest common denominator. Bojack is a Netflix only show, it doesn't get ratings a like television show does. It's just not a 1 to 1 comparison for views between the two different platform. But the reviews for Bojack are consistently higher than that of South Park. And to be clear I like South Park, of the veteran adult cartoons I consider it better than it's competition i.e family Guy and the Simpsons. Now people can like whatever they want but more people liking a thing doesn't mean that's a better written show. Back to my Big Bang Theory example. Also Rick and Morty is only just getting popular but I would certainly say the first two seasons are fantastic despite lower viewrship when they intially aired.
          • [ – ] IdiotComedy parent reply Good point about Big Ban Theory. We all agree on Rick and Morty being awesome. I'm just not as big a Bo Jack Horseman fan I guess. Good discussion though. Which that's what podcasts are supposed to do generate discussion so good job with it.
            • [ – ] Marzipandorica parent reply Completely agree there. I love talking about these shows, even better when someone disagree's because that gives us more to talk about. It's cool if you can't get into Bojack but it's an amazingly well written show and worth time if you can. But i get it's not for everyone. The show isn't about doing 1 off epsiodes with events that have no impact in later epsiodes. The show is very much a character piece of someone whos very self destricive. So every episode in his journey matters.
              • thy_koosk parent reply @IdiotComedy I really can't add to all of this, but I'm glad this discussion took place. I do agree with Marzi on the Big Bang Theory and South Park. But I totally understand if BH isn't 1/2 or 2/2 of the IdiotComedy's channel thing. Like I said, I think it's the weirdest pitch for a show I have ever heard
      • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply Agreed.
        • [ – ] IdiotComedy parent reply South Park would have higher ratings I bet and more total viewers.
          • Marzipandorica parent reply Side note: Ratings in relation to tv shows, means the total amount of viewers. and Television networks has been using a completely archaic system that isn't helpful or accurate at all for decades now, called the nielsen ratings system. I'm guessing you mean reviews when you say ratings but when the term "high/er ratings" is used to by the media who reports on television. they are talking about viewership. And that's what you will get when you search for a show's ratings. Just thought I would point that out, this bullshit ratings system has caused a lot of great shows with high reviews to get cancelled.
  • [ – ] USUandS reply dude i havent see bojack since the first season cause will arnett is dope but i like the comparsions. a nice starter for what im in for, for an hour and 15 min
  • [ – ] Marzipandorica reply My eternal regret is that we didn't talk about the clown dentists!! But at least we covered basically every other thing. This regret will carry to my grave.
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