Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Critical Analysis

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  • [ – ] SpeakingOfGames reply Actually thought these games were pretty good, can't understand the massive amount of hate they got.
    • [ – ] David_Ryatta parent reply I'm very much on the fence for the first of the 3 XIII games, but it's more the politics that made the game how it was before anything else. While the 2nd game and this I found very enjoyable!.. It's a shame that the other two videos I did were lost as I'd have liked to have been able to reoupload all 3
      • [ – ] SpeakingOfGames parent reply I rather enjoyed the first, the style was different for sure but haven't most games changed up their styles every now and again? I felt the second was less a let's get a good sequel and more let's do a test run for world of final fantasy but it was still pretty good.
        • David_Ryatta parent reply Well XIII-2 was more a we need a good game while we make the third in the back ground... I doun't know if World of FF was ever in plan at that point but I feel it being Tri-Ace led it was taking more from Valkyrie Profile and Chrono Trigger in design. However in general both Sequels to XIII could have worked if made as new IPs and World of FF does kinda prove the point
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