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  • benbenk reply @smileybridge crushin it!
  • smileybridge reply Killpocalypse! Killustrious! Killevator: Going Up! Don't Tell Mama The Babykiller's Killing It! Kill Pickles! Killin It Slowly With Kill's Song! I'm Just A Kill, Yes, I'm Only A Kill, And I'm Sitting Here On Capitol Kill! LL Kill J! Kill N The Gang! Kill Bi Ya My Boy Kill Bi Ya!
  • RobOReilly reply So many deaths: his free time, his social life...
  • PEEZUSWORLDTOUR reply If somehow women could understand how hard this is so maybe this would matter in a get ya dick sucked scenario
  • benbenk reply man i miss some griffball.... need to get that xbox one now just to play it
  • CamBrexler reply If not for this video I would have never known that my girlfriend's baby daddy trained under Frank Dux. Thx
  • duffy reply this kid is a certified beast
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