Fostering Hatred

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  • SybylFlight reply I was totally shocked when I read about this yesterday...
  • [ – ] StatsChew reply We won't know how many are in the same situation, and not told... Now next - how about the U-turn by St Olave's, in Orpington, southeast London?
    • Martin_Willett parent reply Bloody league tables. You don't prove you're a good school by not letting your pupils show that they're average. Average pupils need exams too!
  • ThatRiddle reply Another council, by contrast, had a problem placing children with a family that were members of UKIP.
  • Martin_Willett reply You've not gone mad. It's going backwards, fairly quickly. It's a very bored seagull perched on a buoy in a small lake, lazily being blown one way then the other. Then I speeded it up a bit and played it backwards. Hopefully, it will take you a few moments to notice that something is very wrong.
  • JohnnyShadowBanned reply Another good video. PS . . . I notice Vidme has the phrase "Say something nice..." as their default intro wording in the comment box before one begins typing. Fuck off Vidme, don't start all that again! :-)
  • [ – ] Martin_Willett reply Post how long it took you to notice that the video was going backwards.
    • StatsChew parent reply I've just noticed it, now... because you asked, as I see it in relation to our culture... going backwards!! :)
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