Trump Considers Reversing Military Equipment Ban for Police Forces

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  • [ – ] tcooper913 reply If it keeps the UN military police Out of the U.S., then I support it. The UN has declared they are sending UN military police to the U.S., because they said we cannot handle the violence, and our disturbing racists. Obama had signed that agreement with them.
    • [ – ] XhoXhuXhamen parent reply The day the UN has the balls to send police to the US to do anything but take pictures for TimeLife Ragazine I'll eat a bowl of shredded tree bark!
    • tcooper913 parent reply This is old, but there are differing reports of UN vehicles already in a number of different U.S. states. U N MILITARY VEHICLES ON VIRGINIA INTERSTATE:
    • [ – ] tcooper913 parent reply It is illegal without a treaty for the UN to send in military police, nevertheless, they said they were going to. I believe it was announced last Friday.
      • GlobalizationInQuestion parent reply big talk UN army doesnt havethe numbers and is mostly americans and american led... sure thats happening just like ill stop celebrating sinterklaas because of the UN, the UN has had its day its done for.. what are they doing next tackle some internernal chinese problem.. go ahead i want to see that diplomacy. the US police were perfectly able to do something with charlottesville,they just didnt that whole UN and gov spiel is setup to get you ready for another war and to sneak in some more martial law if you ask me
      • tcooper913 parent reply I looked it up again. We were issued our 1st Warning last Tuesday. Obama put us into the SCN (Stronger Cities Network).
  • PunkyLaBrie reply For everyone who supports the militarization of local police, I have a question for you: How can we be certain that these weapons will not be used on us (non-terrorists)? If the police will just standby as AntiFa beats someone in front of them, I'm not sure getting better weapons are the police departments real issue; it seems to be the person(s) giving the (bad) orders. AntiFa will be a useless group if they are always shutdown when they begin breaking laws. They're only "affective" when they're allowed to go nuts.
  • mattytripps reply Berkely is the birthplace of free speech, and its now the center for the death of free speech
  • [ – ] Auceza reply Antifa is a terroist organization which threats to overthrow the American Republic. Trump is right to prepare the police in order to deal with these thugs.
    • XhoXhuXhamen parent reply I agree. And they should be unleashed without reservation on antifa and all other domestic terror organizations!
    • [ – ] mattytripps parent reply I really hope thats what he is preparing them for. I question whether Trump cares to do anything about these communist groups because he hasn't done or said much of anything yet.
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply Most police already look like a military force to me. I grew up in the 60's when police wore a uniform with a collared shirt, a tie, and a hat. They carried a .38 Special and a knightstick. So I don't know how much more they could look like a military force than they do now!
  • DickDitty reply Unclinch a little πŸ˜€; mostly the police are faithfully obeying orders as they did in Charlottesville. They're being forced to accept the light armored vehicles, etc. as a cover up to the expense of maintaining obsolete equipment from the middle east conflicts. In five years they won't even be able to get service parts for them. I would rather see them return to a "wooden sword" approach though.
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply Because the UN's military police is gonna stop the violence in the US?? HAHAHA. Now that's good one.
  • LaundromatGypsy reply ....i oppose it to... And... I question why this is being announced and highlighted....
  • StolenMoment reply The prototypes to all modern police forces were pioneered by Sir Robert Hall. He specified the metropolitan London Police to be a military style organisation. Beat cops work best.
  • Bulrock reply I'm split on this one, depending on who is ultimately giving the orders. On one hand, police need to be better trained and equipped to deal with Antifa and BLM. On the other, police as tactically trained and equipped serving ultimately under someone like Clinton or Trudeau, is a frightening thought indeed. Truth is all over North America, police are too ill-equipped, undermanned, and inappropriately trained to deal with increasing rioting and civil unrest. Then add the MSM, who consistently shits on the police at every turn. Police need greater support, and training at the very least. Also, the police ARE an intelligence agency. They have vast resources of info and accessibility to it. In this regard, I actually envy them. If I could get access to that network, I wouldn't have to spend hours watching vlogs for 'poker tells' or reading pages upon pages of news to do it the hard way. To me, it is dependent on who is issuing the orders. I won't make a decision based upon purist...more ideology here. This is a pragmatism issue. What is going on is the decisive variable.
  • dumpthendp reply How quickly did Chicago ramp up? How quickly will city sign off to get equipment? Trying to take a house full of heavy arms, how many cops are expected to die? Obviously, there are limits. Tanks are excessive, but heavily armored vehicles are more than reasonable.
  • RayOfHope reply North Korea has half the population of South Korea and are so much smaller than Japan. If I'm a Rottweiler and a Foxterrier barks at me because he hopes the bravado will scare me away, I would be an incredible dick to claim that the little mutt was threatening me and therefore I am justified in attacking it. Theodore Postol apparently did some analysis of the previous launches and concluded that they were hoaxes. The NK threat is the creation of media propaganda.
  • GlobalizationInQuestion reply Also more gear = ,more maintenance costs, if they are overstretched now having to maintain apc's wont help.. but again they dont want APCs for thugs.. they want it to prepare for big times
  • GlobalizationInQuestion reply they didnt needsurplus military gear in berkley or cville just needed to do anything thy were perfecly outfitted
  • RoboLynx reply The military and the police are separate for a reason.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply You make some excellent points here mr styx. I would say on this topic personally it all depends on whether or not they are regularly in situations where they NEED military gear to protect themselves from bodily harm. If they are combatting heavy gang violence or heavy riot situations then it is possible they may require such gear. Now in situations like small town america where the sheriff eats at the one diner and knows everyone.. not necessary, would create an image that dehumanizes and does more harm than good (you mentioned this). In middle tier applications i would apply reason to whether or not they need this gear. Part of the issue imo is that not only is it a bad image but they are protecting and keeping peace: if they are militarized that seems more like an aggressor type of situation... but again, if they CANNOT do their jobs without a high probability of getting injured then by all means equip them with what is necessary to protect their life and limb, they shouldnt ev...moreen expected to get injured. Another thing is that if the escalation of violence in places like berkely and charlottesville aswell as blm mass calling for dead cops then those areas are certainly going to get militarized police.... really it should be on the community to prevent such escalation from occurring in the first place. This is why antifa is actually a fascist movement.... it ties all of the dumbest concepts in with one another and they probably throw bottles of piss because in communist $#/7holes that's all you've got since noone had incentive to work. These escalating factions must be brought to their senses or those communities will have no choice but to militarize in order to keep the peace. It all starts with the individual so just be a good person, work to the best of your ability and treat others which includes with respect (by default) and those communities wont need military gear. And obviously as far as im concerned end the damn drug war. At least legalize $#/7 like mushrooms/acid/weed .. i could see keeping opiates tightly restricted because it's hard to be productive when using them and they're incredibly addictive. At least with stimulants you're actually working harder and can accomplish more (for a short time but then have to deal with after effects) plus not nodding off at the wheel like with ops/barbs. Psychedelics imo valuable for revelations of profound and lasting positive implications and also many extremely influential and wealthy people cite revelations from using acid but would need to be eased into legality so as to not cause people to go over the top, would need heavy education on ramifications but in the long run would be invaluable for real progress. Increase penalties if you are dui-ing...
  • RibTips reply Maybe we could have a smaller contingent of better equipped police within the various departments. We could call these units SWAT or something like that.
  • baerdric reply What level of safety equipment would you want when facing armed men?
  • TheTrue reply The heavy body armor, drones, and m4s seem to be enough in my town. The sheriff's department runs drills with these, but doesn't patrol like that, and that is good enough here.
  • mattytripps reply Trump should just allow citizens to kill communist gangs that are clearly trying to take over the country.
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