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  • JonTheBemused reply That was very interesting! First, it worked on vidme, which is a definite plus. Secondly, I too have been thinking along these lines, so will look forward to what you have to say with a great deal of interest. I know little of philosophy, so have a great deal to learn. I just recognise the BS of postmodernism, especially in relation to their anti-science stance, when I see/hear it. At the end you state that "the left is currently making things worse, which we don't want it to be doing". I completely agree. But I am unconvinced that what is being labelled the left, actually is so. It wears the mask of the left, but seems to performing actions which favour the establishment. Independent Man recently uploaded of a clip of Brendan O'Neill explaining this (from an event apparently held late the last year), which I highly recommend:
  • GameCrusader reply As someone who is studing a social science, the three objections you mention were at the time what pushed me away from post-modern theories, something that has driven me to clash between teachers and coworkers (not in any ill way). But its interesting how these theoretical frameworks do correlate with our political positions, because as a "lefty" I have come to rationalize my intrinsic left leaning political view outside of the post-modern lense and more on a pragmatic and burocratic one, which also lend to interesting discussions with others.
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