Ambassador Haley Threatens US Attacks on Syria over Supposed Chemical Weapon Deployment

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  • AltRightNationalist reply Neocons are infecting his administration.
  • whatthefunk reply It's no secret the US has armed and funded rebels and others with gas to be used. I was very shocked by Haley's address. Given Trump's general tone on things. I think it's Israel pushing the buttons on Trump's new tones. They need Syria overthrown.
  • [ – ] TaktikalZef reply Unofficial Styx Discord Server: 8qJevwu Please let me know if this shilling is unwelcome, Styx.
    • ArchaicRealms parent reply Styx is big on doing his own thing. I've always liked that about him. He sets a great example.
    • [ – ] ArchaicRealms parent reply I don't use discord or I'd hang. I made an unofficial styx minecraft server for a month lol no one logged in. (for the better honestly, I would have had the ability to attempt to trace IPs. haha, not that I'm that guy) The HexxenCraft Server was good times tho.
  • SkogComplex reply Neocons are filthy , sewage sludge. Trump cannot let them manipulate his policy. Haley was a bad choice.
  • Brandon95 reply We better be damn sure we KNOW who did this before we do anything.
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