You're Living Under An Occultocracy - Not A Democracy

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  • VybeyPantelonez reply 1:00:00 ... "the few of you that have stuck through this for an hour" .... stuck through this!?!?!??! This is quite possibly the one of the most enlightening podcasts I've ever listened to... i was listening intently and enjoyed every moment. A lot of this i had heard before; but I've never heard it pieced together so well. Absolutely fascinating... and i guess the elites are right... if the masses can be herded and actually demand herding can i really blame them? I personally love the joys of perception more than manipulation (hence my profound obsession with creating art) and so would rather try and help rather than hurt. That doesn't mean I'm a damn commie tho no sir free market capitalist so i ain't giving away my time but i do wish the best for all of humanity. I think a lot of life is a balancing act like i want to help people but if we let too many immigrants in too quickly it will destroy our culture and we will no longer be able to have a great civilization.. and its nic...moree to be generous but become too generous and there's no incentive to work haha. But i digress... excellent show!!
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