Evi Quaid Randy Quaid Rupert Murdoch "what an Ass"

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  • kimmijo8 reply Evi is an exhibitionist. Sorry for ALL of your troubles Randy. Doing foul sex tapes with her is not helping your cause or credibility.
  • Rakka reply Your not working cause your a lazy ass, your also not the only actor to get screwed over, when you don't take YOUR career into your OWN hands, blindly signing shit and/or have ONE decent movie role, then you climb up a high horse and turn DIVA demanding crap like Madonna, Smith, the old hoe....um..Streisand. ... you know the PoS' who believe they are better actors then they are!!! maybe not acting like great actors when your not and stop being "difficult to work with and you might get work. You been funny but your videos here are permanent records of how nut cased you two are.....one more.... Evi....dude she like may have been hot ONCE....kinda like your acting career...but she is NOT now..think of the Beatles and Yoko.... get it? My bet is your proving to yourself every time you do dumb shit...silence IS a virtue. ...practice it. But I digress, you dump Evi and STFU w public videos and start rolling with the punches instead of taking them...Rocky Ass whoopings.. are not real...its...more Hollywood acting..your not gonna keep fighting gloriously and win at the end. But start there with STFU!!! ROLL W PUNCHES, maybe even apologize properly, all that with the pay cut your worth maybe you'll find work. Just cause your old as fun and crazy doesn't mean you can't land a woman who will support you better in your career then Evi. a team should succeed, not bad mouthing everyone who does all the Hiring in Hollywood. Wake up ...it maybe too late then again maybe not...if you want it correct hearings and start over....completely. but if you still have millions of dollars...just fuming live OUT OF PUBLIC VIEW... and enjoy life...but if u really r broke then fuming fix your self man!!!! When your own family turns on you...just maybe you should see why!!!
  • JoJoDan reply You could really tick them all off and work again if you applied for citizenship to a communist country. I bet one of those in South America may accept you. Some of them in SA are saying, "Never again will we trust the US!" after they got poorer when US got them to privatize everything in the 1980s.Then you could apply for a Visa as a visitor in Canada and work there. Make movies, plays, and be a political activist ... just a thought.
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