YouTube is Changing... For Better or for Worse?

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  • Betelcrux reply Worse, next topic.
  • Ryokyo reply What worries me is this "ability" that large corporate sponsors have acquired to dictate what is and what is not "Controversial." What you see here is people with money "weaponizing" that money so as to choke off free speech and expression. Use of these "Generic" terms like "Controversial" could make "puppy and kitty" videos vanish next. But the worst part of all is that no one seems to be confronting Google or YouTube about the larger issues involved here. All everyone seems to be worried about is themselves and their ability to earn money.(Or Not) Maybe it's time to stop being quite so "wallet-centered" and start asking about the basic freedoms that made video production popular before someone decided to drop a price tag on it.
  • Mckay reply Might get better over time CEO has said some promising things just hope they come to fruition. Good luck with your channel.
  • Y2JayDoesAsia reply Definitely for worse. I'm slowly abolishing the process of uploading vids to Youtube
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