Forgotten Realms ~ "House of the Damned"

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  • Dig_Duke reply amazing stuff man ^_^ keep it up :D
  • [ – ] nexxtmediaguide reply Iwas gonna play chapter 2 of the batman telltale game...., not anymore!!! I'm watching FORGOTTEN DREAMS!!!!!!! LLLERRROOOOOOYYYY JEEEENNNKINNNNS!!!!!!
  • [ – ] nexxtmediaguide reply I change my mind..., the story moves faster without showing the rolls
    • Scratch_Paper_Games parent reply I've discussed doing black and white sketches with my illustrator, and it is something we want to do in the future. as for the dice rolls, I cut out about 95% for narrative flow, but I do try to leave in at least one critical and a couple high stakes rolls. we'll be filming the next game in about a week, and we got a new mic so our vocals will sound better.
  • nexxtmediaguide reply I like seeing dice rolling for some reason...,weird?
  • nexxtmediaguide reply but basic drawings and no color. sorry this is multiple posts. I'm still watching ep4 while doing this.
  • nexxtmediaguide reply like in those comicstorian videos on yt where they read comics
  • [ – ] nexxtmediaguide reply it would be also interesting to hear one of your stories with some basic pencil only illustrations accompanying your words.
    • Scratch_Paper_Games parent reply Hey man, I just put up a preview for a cyberpunk game that utilizes sketch imagery throughout much of the video. It's more of what I've been going for and i think it turned out pretty good. the full video should be up soon.
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