#SpokenWord | It's Not Shade, It's Real 2: The Invite (A Throwback!)

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  • [ – ] TanyaMills reply This was excellent. I have never dated two people who ended up together, but that sounds like a really messed-up scenario. Sounds like potential head games too. You were smart to avoid that nonsense. :)
    • PoeticOldSoul parent reply Thank you Tayna *BIG HUGZ*, and it was very fucked up, it was even my 1st time in a scenario like that, and knowing them, they probably would've wanted a threesome...as tempting it may sound, but HELLLLLLLLL NOOOO LOL, not worth it whatsoever, game playing bitches LOL! :-P
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply You've been in some bad situations! It's tough to move on from the pain because it clings like gum in the hair. And it's tough to feel lovable when people treat us badly. But you are just as lovable as ever! You'll find a better partner, someone who cherishes you for you. Just keep taking care of yourself. You deserve the best. Thanks for sharing your story!
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