E3 2017: The Show About Nothing

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  • snatch219 reply I look forward to the gaming articles explaining why FarCry 5 haters are secretly puppy-kicking Nazis.
  • TheGamingCentaur reply Personally for me, Devolver won E3 because of there comical parody of all the other conferences. I will say I almost fell asleep during one of the conferences, I believe it was either Bethesda or Sony
  • [ – ] Unhipalmond360 reply Awesome job Razorfist. I heard not so great things about E3 from my son.
  • Lonecomplex reply Innovation in all the wrong ways. But we're long removed from the golden age of gaming, so what can one expect but things like this?
  • [ – ] insaneonthemembrane reply Nice one RazorFist, the PS4 will be my last console. I was thinking what the next generation of consoles could possibly do better than a custom built PC. Tipped ya for the info.
  • DatFaulker reply Hey! I didn't know Alice Cooper liked video games!
  • MrMemeKing reply Personally Sony shouldn't even be at E3...Cause they already started there own PlayStation Experince and They also do gamescom and Tokyo Game Show. Like fuck the president himself said they held games for those presentations. E3 just seems to be for stock holders and VR experience.
  • TheMagicG reply I'm excited about Super Mario Odyssey
  • [ – ] VGJustice reply You want bad? I'll give you bad. Microsoft's XBox One X can be shortened to XBOX.
  • IronicTree reply This guy knows what he's talking about - listen to this man and you'll get through life. Great video! You said everything everyone was thinking, but extraordinarily more vividly :)
  • CrazyJoeWurst37 reply They should bring back Sega
  • ADTgaming reply I personally think that EA won, just through the sheer number of games they showed off, and while they were just the next year's edition of sports games and some other sequels, they was still better than Bethesda and Sony and maybe even Nintendo's showed-off games. Even though Shadow of the Colossus Remastered convinced me to buy a PS4...
  • [ – ] DynastyStar reply You know, its a video like this that makes it hard for me to defend Razorfist in a video from a creator I follow when I say that Razorfist isn't pointlessly cynical(linked to his video on E3 2015 too). The youtube creator that I follow implied that Razorfist only likes Styx: Master of Shadows which shows how ignorant that they are about Razorfist.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply At least the Switch has the recently released Arms, and despite whatever is wrong with Nintendo, at least they have been consistently good for decades. Hell, even their *ahem* worst games are competent. Even though I like PC games, the fanbases of those games are obnoxiously unbearable. The only VR video games I care about are on the Virtual Boy. I hate smart devices. If there was something that would have saved the X-Box One: the ability to play original X-Box (as in the 2001-2006 original) games on it. And I mean ALL of them. As I said before, you should go into Atari, NES, Sega Genesis, Super NES, Dreamcast, and Wii Homebrew.
  • [ – ] InternetUnwind reply Im sick of nintendo just doing reruns of first party games. Would be nice to have a new interesting thing Besides "we are portable" going on with them. Everything else was pretty much status quo.
    • TheGamingCentaur parent reply I get what you mean. But I do feel like their line of first-party is the most interesting compared to Sony's and Microsoft's now these days. I just hope they won't drop the ball on some of them.
  • lewren reply Rant-master!
  • [ – ] Mariner1712 reply I'd actually be fine with a Sharivan (or was it Speilban?) VR game.
  • DanielFrost reply I saw show about nothing and automatically thought Seinfeld. Lol
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