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  • JustHypeVibe reply I'm very much confused with the super saiyan transformations these days because of too much stages especially with the DBSuper
  • LeftHeadGrave reply Honestly no, they don't seem relevant. Even though power levels weren't really focused on later on there still was a mostly consistent growth process. But the process and the barriers to overcome are now meaningless since power levels and anything similar are tossed out for writing convenience. Again, my biggest issue with Frieza since he did 12 push ups and suddenly was golden. The problem with any power system is that if it's given too much freedom it becomes boring. When your powers can overcome anything so long as you want it to there is no more conflict. Tien's fight with Cell was amazing because Tien couldn't win, barely even hurt Cell. That was the conflict, a doomed crusade vs. the need to be a warrior till the bitter end. Now? Effort means nothing. Power levels, the thing that created conflict and uphill battles doesn't exist. Roshi, a guy who couldn't even fight Saibamen, doesn't even have a chance of getting smashed and beaten to a pulp so I have no reason to worry ...moreabout him. He's not Goku strong because Goku's the hero... And that's it. He's suddenly strong enough to fight the most powerful warriors of multiple universes because the narrative wants him to be and that's all and once that hits home, you realize any tension has been sacrificed for showmanship.
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