BREAKING-Korea Crisis Update 7-31-17

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  • Patrick_Hostis reply China is a nation that enslaves its own people and treats minority groups like 2nd class human beings. They gun down protesters and disrupt the world's economy. I really don't give a damn if they have a problem with the military exercises that we need to conduct since they created the problem that we are forced to confront.
  • MaatDa reply There is still a cease fire armistice since 1953 between the US and North Korea, provocations with constant military exercises with South Korea. North Korea has been on constant war alert for over fifty years. The Thaad missiles can most likely can be converted for nuclear warheads. I think geo-politically, it about China and Russia. Its part of the US Missile Defence System. How much can China do with the constant military exercises? I don't China is going to support harsh sanctions that will hurt the average North Korean people. Just my thoughts.
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