How Wonder Woman Is the Anti-Ghostbusters

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  • lambdog76 reply I do not see the connection between the two directly, but I follow your points. If you take the gender of the characters out of the equation, what you get is Wonderwoman is a 3 act feature, and Ghostbusters 2016 is a 3 act Cartoon. I enjoyed both movies for there own merits, but I am really finding discussions of gender or race insertion to be sexist and frankly, tiresome. What I am now excited about is when Superman comes back as a grey near villian character, Princess Diana has the strength to go toe to toe with him.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply I might have to see this, though Gal Gadot reminds me more of Alexiel from Angel Sanctuary than Wonder Woman. (I suggest that you read that manga, it's excellent.) Plus, at least they fixed the one thing that I have with the DC Cinematic Universe; bad color. Seriously, The '78-'87 Superman films had good color, the '89-'12 Batman films had good color, those bad '90s Marvel movies had good color, Watchmen had good color, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films had good color, and Fox' X-Men and Fantastic Four films (save for FF'15) had good color.
  • ZTV_Productions reply Hmm. Interesting comparison. Good vid!
  • St_Clinton reply I enjoyed both Wonder Woman AND Ghostbusters (2016). The problem GB (2016) had was the fact that people spent far to much time comparing it to previous one. WIth Wonder Woman, it had a bunch of problems with it, but when not paying attention to the problems, it's an enjoyable film,
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