Massive Class Action Law Suite Filed Against Google/YouTube!

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  • karenende reply Can you join the lawsuit Gabe ? I heard your interview with David Seaman too. Good ! Keep it up. Maybe Vidme didn't intend to have an audience of Conservatives but do they care as long as they get the traffic to their site ?
  • my_last_hope reply you should post on - lot of truthers over there
  • enoughof reply It's about time something like this happens. I wish them much luck and I wish more suits against google and fake-er-facebook.
  • puckchan1234 reply thought I would check in on you after a year or so. glad to see your still kicking. I don't think your channel should have been taken down. we all deserve the right to express ourselves. our last interaction you called me a troll. for expressing the view that your channel on youtube would not last because of your crazy views. but alas good things come to those who wait. seem to me your got thrown on that manure pile of trolls you worked so hard on. so here I am again expressing myself. so tell me gabe how is the smell down there.
  • OffgridJack reply I think this is wonderful news!! We need truth tellers on Youtube!
  • greenspudtrades reply Here come the cavalry!
  • EyesWideOpen22 reply The link to the David Seaman interview
  • EyesWideOpen22 reply I am glad you changed your mind. Be patient, Karma is a bitch but she will help people who don't give up. Keep Fighting the good fight! You do what you do not for nothing.
  • reverendsimonsideways reply Google think conservatives are evil and WRONG hence the reason I opened a vidme account because it's only a matter of time before I get banned from youtube
  • OldTimer reply What Google doesn't realize they have literally set themselves up for such a massive law suit that I had said long long ago for violating citizens first amendment right & I want to be very clear to those who had in the past that say Google/YouTube or any other web site has the right to bar anyone they want under their guidelines & policy, to those who think that is absolutely FALSE.... under the first amendment right NO one whether a place of Business or person/persons shall infringe/take away the right of any person/persons their freedom of speech as so has been done by Google/YouTube & other social web sites... what will be the outcome on all this, let's just say it does not look good at all for Google/YouTube in the very near future that has turned their web site as others have into a bias liberal forum that have silenced others freedom of speech which again violated the rights of many just because they have a different point of view & opinion.....
  • 216 reply Google/YouTube racket... As you suggested I did a search (got lazy) and typed in YouTube class action lawsuits. No hits later than Feb. Of this year. Then did as you suggested including YouTube creators class action suit and shit happened. Here is a great hit I found of someone I follow on YouTube anyway, and he's a lawyer to boot. Thanks Gabe.
  • TandeJane reply Thank you Gabe! Thank God for a bit of good news. You're right. They can't treat people this way and get away with it! What if I take your videos from here and put them on my channel? Would be interesting to see what would happen. I'd like to jump in on that lawsuit. YouTube rejected a video I attempted to upload, because they didn't want me showing the underground tunnels right at the bottom of my street. They have large concrete entry ways with a huge "CMB" written on it's side. I found out that means : Cosmic Microwave Backround! That was the first video that was rejected for upload. That screamed volume to me. I hit a nerve showing the CMB. This rabbit hole, goes so deep, the more I learn, the less I feel able to tell anyone. Like WoodwardTV says, "Truth IS stranger than fiction." I've learned things I never even thought were possible. Reptilians, fallen angels, Lucifer, it's all true. Unbelievable!!
  • 93cummings1 reply Great job Gabe, Keep up the great information, NEVER GIVE UP GABE!!!!!
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