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  • [ – ] Pseudofire reply The economic feasibility of a government system with publicly controlled ethics committees overseeing a funding structure where all infrastructure and development is operated with an infinite coffer along side a control mechanism limiting political terms and an accountability system punishing lying politicians ending up with infinite funding for government (removing military aspect for this example) such that education and educators and child care have infinite coffers as well hospital, fire police roads education and to top it off commodities have fixed pricing and businesses can have 50% wage coverage to workers with a benefit for tenure scale but must be inspected by government, and all environmental upgrades to current business are freely and immediately upgraded to Match carbon emissions requirements, no more taxes except on imports and a new reward structure for patents rewarding innovation preventing stifled technological advancement. Longest run on sentence ever.
  • [ – ] Vexode reply Unrelated, but I notice you often don't have any sound in the background of your videos. I make music, I like your videos, and I would be happy to help you with that, Stefan
  • RenBlogger reply Homeschool ;) https://www.minds.com/search;q=%23homeschool;type=activities
  • [ – ] UnarmoredForce reply I think not enough merit are given to the subjects that are taught and the problem is how things are taught instead of what is taught. I've heard the British education system is quite rigid, so I believe it's very different from what we have here.
    • StefanJenkins parent reply Its very different I got to go to america on a foreign exchange for a small time. your education system is very good. The style is so different.
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