Why Is This On Here? And Why Is It Still Here?

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  • linktheinformer reply If I was wearing that shirt, I'd partially disappear! XD I love it though. TIE DYE!
  • Trezzkin reply Im so glad people are actually seeing the point of the video.
  • [ – ] some-generic-edgelord reply vidme to me was always like the wild wild west of the internet with just anything goes either porn or real content creation so im not surprised that this site is on here it was in essence a true freedom of choice for your content which is why it got held back as much as it did in the competition against youtube when it started where it got a reputation as a pirate site or something not kid friendly so everyone gravitated away from it
  • [ – ] The_Z_Files reply Great points, freedom of speech is okay but this isn't "content creating" it's just like these "stars" downtime I feel,someone videos it and posts it,that's it,and not only is it garbage content but if these are the real deals they or the studios don't need any money or exposure,it's completely a waste of Vidme space and the communities time...I don't expect everyone to be Spielberg on their videos lol but do better than something in these lines, I like to think the general human race is better than this. XD
    • [ – ] ShadowzBrah parent reply Im glad you got our point!:) i was expecting some hate honestly lol
      • The_Z_Files parent reply Hate on Vidme...what foreign words do you speak? XD I'd be scared if someone tried defending that stuff honestly lol,my whole thing is creativity and it's not even original really,i've seen similar things for years and it takes no talent to be like "Hey...come watch these people do this thing" then simply rely on who they are or their looks to ultimately sell the video. I think the internet in general is okay without it.
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Totally agree with you and that channel looks so out of place. I really don't get the appeal of "[insert random] doing [something random]" crap.
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