Unknown guy beating a deer with a hardcover textbook and laughing

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  • BobJones4011958 reply .....guy tried to salvage road kill and didn't have any professional murder weapons in his car. Could have been like the nice people that picked up an unconscious dog only to have it attack them repeatedly not knowing that it was a wild coyote ! A valuable lesson ? Don't pick up dead wild animals, unless they are really dead or you have a harder book in the car ????? Don't leave the road kill or you will get another charge for "wanton waste" ? I don't know many people who would handle an awake wild animal in they car very well. Many would jump out of the moving car ! ........and the police rarely show up in time on a busy night for road kill in Arkansas. People problems usually out way road kill. The guy does seem to have a weird demeanor, but who really knows..........and laughing about it ?...we are ALL actually subconsciously trained to laugh at other people's misfortune. Watch YouTube if you don't believe me !......deer waking up = shock/fear/reaction. .....anyway........
  • germananime reply lamo this is hilarious
  • Gabbikat reply He's been arrested now and facing two felonies. Or at least that is what was posted today.
  • whousesvidme reply You can't dox him on reddit because of the rules, dox him here then!
  • mtent57 reply Certainly somebody knows who this asshole is and can doxx him. He needs to be backed into a corner and beaten with a shovel while everyone laughs and points.
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