Happy Birthday Ari!

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  • duffy reply helpless bags of flesh and a beak lol
  • theoldsparrow reply Such a cute birb.
  • Emrldy reply Such a nice thing when you see your favorite animator on VidMe!
  • sarah reply ari: 1, the wall: 0
  • [ – ] Envy-Noson reply The last time I saw someone who has taken life advice from Tumblr was when this girl who got beaten up by her "bully" confronted her "bully" after school to tell her "You know, I didn't like getting punched in the face, I could've defended myself but instead I view you as a friend" than asked the "bully" how does that make her feel. The bully responded by punching her in the face again and started walking away. She had the survival ability of a zombie snail.
    • [ – ] Gazeth_Sonica parent reply And then she grew up to be the chancellor of Germany?
      • Envy-Noson parent reply It's a long start, but we kinda found out she was just a terrible person that doesn't know how society work. She had once tried of accusing her boyfriend (Now ex) of raping her, I knew that was impossible because I've spent most of the time hanging out with him in Florida. Even the date when the "raping" happen doesn't match up, we were two weeks in Florida. That guy didn't have the money to buy a one day two way plane tickets, I've even check his total checkings, it was full of Popeyes and gas station bills all in Florida and I always go to Popeye with him. Turns out he blocked her on his phone and went out of town with me and a few other guys. She really didn't like being ignored, she became the type of girl that world blackmail and accused others of being a rapist.
  • Dragonlance416 reply Jaiden?! Since when were you on vidme? You never said anything about this on YouTube? At least not that I remember.
  • BlackbirdFrost reply Happy BIRDthday Ari!
  • Neflah939 reply He/she :D is so cute
  • AnimationPerson reply the music in the back ground is the wii mii music
  • Eman0725 reply you missed the perfect opportunity to say BIRD-thday!!!
  • Eman0725 reply you missed the perfect opportunity to say BIRD-thday!!!
  • CheekyChiqui reply "Motherhood... get it now now!!!" xD
  • FunnyTang0 reply Is the wii on in the background
  • marate reply happy birthday sweet sixteen
  • SunsetPop reply I had bird when I was kid, but my dad let them go in front of me
  • JustHypeVibe reply Well I guess it doesn't matter what gender Ari has. Anyways Happy Birthday!
  • EiceBleu reply Darnit, now I miss my chickens.
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