Violent gangs threaten refugees in Greece.

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply The Globalist don't want to encourage nationalism, it's about multiculturalism and embracing everyone so there is NO argument for boarders and NO one wants to defend a multicultural nations because there is NO alliance to it. The same is done to the Christian Religion with the pope. He is silent about the persecution of Christians, his message should be the loudest for the protection of Christian from ISIS persecution. He should be leading the charge but the Church has ignored the past conflicts with ISLAM at the Battle of Vienna. The Church has the resources and should have been teaching the church committee all along about past battles with Islamic cult as part of the history courses. NO alliance to family, is also part of the Globalist agenda.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Free speech a phobia. The fear of free speech is most prevalent amounts crooks politicization's and Muslims Cars kill people, and apparently this facts hasn't escaped Muslim who routinely use Vehicle to run people over. Students at Ohio State University run over by Muslim terrorist. , Muslim used truck to run over people at Nice France, Muslim used car to run over people in attack in England. Again Sweden a truck was used. Muslim used truck to run over Israel cadets as they exit the bus. The agenda is to lie to people it's to about money as they relaxed the Gun license requirement except for. Faith Goldy: Special Gun Rights for Muslims?! watch?v=vn2Hn85zMag ________ The Canadian Government is Catering to ISLAMOFASCIST leads to the formation of the ISLAMOTERRORIST. Bill M103 is nothing more than stopping free speech, when you can't say anything about ISLAM it the first step to the implication of Sharia Law. Muslim Blasphemy laws where involved in the murders of the Cartoonist at Chari...morelie Hebdo where they carry out ISLAMIC values of death and prison for saying anything about ISLAM. Bill M-103 would only give that type of violent extremism more power and lead to the inability to protest these types of heinous crimes as doing so would be considered a crime against Islam.
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