Joe Talks: 50 Follower Q&A

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  • [ – ] Kualajimbo reply Questions by: @Aiya @MarzieMalfoy @SaiyanBlade84 @Original-Artworkks @Brettkeanevideo @TigerJelly @galwaybeard @Vince_Tarragon @Powerpuff @kegosnation @duffy @theoldsparrow
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply I love Rachet and Clank! And Red Dead is amazing! I never got to play it myself but I watched my friends play it and loved it. I also love the story of your name. And I love burgers! I love a lot about this video lol I didn't know it got that cold down there. I hope you feel better and stay warm.
  • Powerpuff reply Congrats on 50 followers! 100 followers here we come :)
  • theoldsparrow reply Fitness burger in my mouth! lol Great answers and the couple of questions you can expound upon as their own videos I would love to see.
  • Brettkeanevideo reply Joe, you talked about the big bang which was proposed by a scientist who happened to be a catholic priest. If the universe had a beginning this also means nature itself had to begin meaning whatever the cause was outside of nature and time itself. Which logically the cause would be eternal because it's outside time and nature. Basically the cause is supernatural and eternal. God bless.
  • MarzieMalfoy reply And congrats on your 50 follower milestone! I love that too lol
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