Silent Hill - Episode 1 - Café Diaz

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  • Niro_d6 reply I look forward to seeing more videos, then! I haven't played past the second game, but the first two were REALLY fun and a bit frustrating, as most games in that genre, back then, were. Good luck on transitioning to Vidme! (I haven't seen your channel on YouTube, yet)
  • [ – ] Niro_d6 reply Awesome video, dudes! Definitely throwing down an upvote and a follow.
    • Backseat_Gamers parent reply Thanks a lot for this, Niro_d6, really appreciated. This is the first time I've ever played a Silent Hill game, and it was definitely an interesting experience. There were a few parts that I did not enjoy (I hated the sewer section, for instance), but overall it was a very well made game. I will be uploading more episodes of Silent Hill tomorrow as I continue the leap from YouTube to Thanks for the follow! - Nick
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