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  • paperfoxx7 reply I thought it was weird how in "The Red Pill" she showed up and was JUST as unlikable. I legit thought that the videos shown here were just a bad first impression but that she was probably not like that typically, but no, she's just a very grating person.
  • gordyvision reply Been a fan of yours since 2008. I think this is one of the best if not the best video :D hard to choose though.
  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply Love your channel!!!!!! I think that feminism has its place in society. However, anything radical becomes annoying and crazy you know? Radical anything becomes the very bigotry that they try to oppose! As a sheep I can see this, so I don't know why some other humans don't see? Very confusing!!! Shall find you on YouTube. Love your political content, very funny you know??
  • JimGiant reply First! Never thought I'd say that on one of TJ's videos. I remember this video. Back then sjws trying to shut down an event was news, now it's just par for the course.
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