nothing in the fridge - cotard's delusion

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  • [ – ] Wily_one reply Sorry I don't express my musical emotions so well. I mean to say it was sharp and edgie with a broken beat ((glass) Sounds like it was recorded in a large hall with hard surfaces and a high or pitched roof maybe?) But the music in that beat combined with your voice all came together to give me a feeling like walking barefoot on freshly cut grass (NICE) And it was the transition from the start of the song into the realization of what it was that felt to me like getting what I thought was a snowball in the face, only to realize it was actually ice-cream... Yumm. Thumbs up you fridge of maple syrup on the morning of pancake Tuesday. \_(*o*)_/
  • [ – ] Wily_one reply Wow, now it hurts my brain to think..... It was like my ears were walking on broken glass,,,,, only it felt like freshly cut grass......raw and sharp like being startled with a snowball in the face only to realize it might be your favorite flavour of ice-cream. I'm guna go listen again. Well done you, I think
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