What's wrong with Batman: The Killing Joke?

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  • Shockmouths reply The rooftop scene made me feel funny. In a good way.
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  • Fighting_Zenith reply I don't mind serious, R-rated animated cartoons, especially theatrical features. However, with all the money Warner Brothers Animation had, couldn't they have gotten a bunch of talented stateside animators, layout artists, etc.? I mean, give the characters squash/stretch, secondary motion, overlapping action, lines of action, and weight.
  • MaxIzrin reply In the comic book it looks like the "one bad day" was, in the end, meant for Batman, not Gordon, and the comic ends with Batman *possibly* going off the rails and killing the Joker. That is not at all the ending in the movie, where they just go buddy buddy, and fade to black. That's my biggest issue with it.
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