Transformers: The Last Knight NON-Review

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  • [ – ] Giovanni4 reply One of the underrated reviews he's done was the crossover with The Blockbuster guy
  • GaminTank reply I have no interest in these movies anymore, so I'm going to take a guess and say your non-review is accurate.
  • Nikosafer1994 reply Ok here somethings that i really want to talk about and these are things that really need to be address : 1) WHO the hell cares if the style of the reviews of Live Action Transformers Movies is ripoff of One of Doug's Own Characters? 2) Micheal Bay at least did NOT whines and call everybody a Sexist (unlike what Paul Feig did). 3) Most Reboots and Remakes fail because they tried to be much more successful then original.
  • Gaffney reply I broke off this unhealthy cycle after Dark Side of the Moon, and I wasn't a fan of Transformers One in the first place. Remember kids, you don't have to buy this shit just because they say you should.
  • TheFerbguy reply I agree the first one is a guilty pleasure and that these sequels are all the same and they don't change much of it. I do want to see more variety of Hollywood. More original IPs and less remakes.
  • znushu reply The only reason why Michael Bay's Transformer movies are still getting money is because Children and Transformer fans still spend money to see it. Once that market ditches him, he is pretty much screwed.
  • Weirdmusician reply it would be ironic if this transformers movie surprised us, but something tells me it wont.
  • TVBCrap reply Well said... well said.
  • Sonata_Gundam reply Doug called this to a T. I will say it seemed like the movie copied the plot points of Transformers Prime, which was such an amazing series compared to Bayformers garbage.
  • Rob_Silvermyst reply I stopped watching after the first Micheal Bay Transformers movie.
  • [ – ] YamiryuuZero reply Doug, you wanna review something interesting, original and with a lot of passion behind it?! Go review "Little Witch Academia!" LWA is a crowdfunded project by studio Trigger. There are two movies, the first one being on the short side with only 26 minutes, while the second one is 53 minutes long. You can review both on the same video! The two movies were so successful, Trigger ended up making a TV version with the same settings, characters and returning voice actors, although the TV series (still ongoing) follows a different continuity than the movies. I like to think of Little Witch Academia as Trigger's successful attempt at being Disney. It's cheerful, it's brilliantly animated, the cast is full of good characters and the action sequences are great! Trust me, you'll love reviewing it! I haven't watched any of the Dubs, so I recommend getting the subbed version to review. Heard the Spanish and Brazilian subs screw up with one character's voice, although I don't know if the Engli...moresh Dub is good or not.
    • kwendy parent reply And it began in young animators training project. It really benefits from creative liberty of whole original work - you see every episode animators are having FUN.
  • DigitalJediMaster reply But...but...'splosions!
  • Fighting_Zenith reply Hollywood needs an oil change...
  • zoos4k reply Nah I don't care I like all of them even if they are the same because I'm a fan
  • TheMagicG reply Oh great another seizure inducing explosion marathon box office blowout
  • rmsdude reply I was done with these movies after the 3rd one. I refuse to pay Michael Bay for the same shit over and over, especially when he made that comment about how he thinks we are all idiots because it wouldn't matter if we hate them, we will still see them and he has our money. Fuck you, Michael Bay!
  • thatsnoice reply
  • CigarBGuitarefx reply I've never seen pictures of Michael Bay before. He kind of looks like Michael Bolton.
  • Brettkeanevideo reply It's a movie about robots killing robots. What the fuck did you expect?
  • TheCollectorX reply What about the shared universe ?
  • RoboLynx reply Don't forget: You have the right to get a REFUND.
  • 2Nikos reply wait a minute ,so the guy who reviewed the first transformers movie was the NC? I always thought that he was Chester before he started doing drugs
  • ZeroBudgetProductions reply Kind of like Fast and Furious ... oh wait they both have the same plot (dom and optimus are bad but probably are the heroes in the end) ugh
  • [ – ] JorobadoStarrk reply Dragon Ball Super in a nutshell!
    • [ – ] DoniArts parent reply Sure... but I don't ever remember seeing a female Saiyain go super nor do I remember seeing both Goku and Vegeta lose as much as they did in the Goku black ark. And even with a power up (fusion) they still failed. You gotta try harder with that joke :D hahaha
      • JorobadoStarrk parent reply Goku and Vegeta did lost a lot of fights. (Don't you remember Frieza kicking Vegeta's ass?) The evil version of a MC has been done to death in a lot of shonens. Goku and Vegeta never defeated an enemy with fusion (except for the movies, but they're not canon) So again, DBS in a nutshell. And the female suer saiyan is something superficial like the new transformations.
  • GaryTurbo reply Marvel did
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