Wolf Age - The Awakening of Wotan 'heil odin'

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  • [ – ] Thornack reply LOL 1:55 are friends of my sister in law, yeah they are in the "pagan hippie" corner :)......
    • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply haha saw that vid of yours, too true. At least a druid would aim ass full of spears before betraying their kinsman. pagan hippies arnt truly pagan (they are like diet coke - not real coke & full of fake sweetness) unfortunately they head many of the pagan group heads now pushing we are all one grovell..
      • [ – ] Thornack parent reply sad but true..... yes, they give heathenism a bad flavor for the outsiders. if you ask me, everyone has the freedom to do what and how he wants, but they just don't need to connect it with hippie nonsense and costume party's, some even dress like a elf or elf, viking hybride... yeah even in daily life. again you have the right to dress how you want and believe how you want, but this is poisoning a collective term, called paganism.
        • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply the whole we are all one is the killer. Its just like manmade climate change scam. I did anthropology, biomimicry & permaculture & all 3 had to waste my time with at least 1 module on the bullshit propaganda.. The sad thing is many of our folk fall for the calling & then get led down the same anti roots preservation path.. (controlled opposition) haha sometimes I walk about during the day with blue war paint on my face with sigils, nationalist floral crowns & even my witches hat.. sometimes more to freak out idiots :)))))))))))))))
          • [ – ] Thornack parent reply hahaha, yeah in that corner it would be fun to walk around town like a germanic warrior xD
            • bohemefit2 parent reply deep belly laughs rolling out from down under.. :)) Im quite tall & strongly built for a chick & even disabled I feel every bit the valkyerie standing alongside the short assed asians & indians here (I nearly threw a muzztard slut of the train the other day.. swear she was 4 ft giving me looks although she was dressed like a harlet, blocking the exit with her fat ass. I had to ask her to move, she slowllllly moved a little & I just said I can throw you off the train if you like? I swear I was the only white in the whole dam train..
  • [ – ] Thornack reply very nice :)
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