The Paris Terrorist Attacks: Why We Are Not "Charlie"

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply If a person does a story that is anti Christian they don't go blow up a market in protest. The Cartoon like South Park and many others feel comfortable insulting every religion but ONE. This is taught as a form of intimidation to stop people form asking real questions about ISLAMIC practices. It's intimidation to stop free speech. The first thing that where ever ISLAM goes is to install Anti free speech laws, where any criticism of their prophet is illegal. , In Canada an Radical Islamic Senator made a motion to pass the ISLAMOPHOBIA Bill M-103. Hollywood and the media have been calling Christians names for years and still NO attack. What if you call the Buddhist, Hindu, or any Jewish people names do they take a truck or a car and start running people over for their god. NO But draw a cartoon of the prophet of ISLAM, Remember Charlie Hebdo and they come after you with guns and bombs. Now what Religion was it that used a truck in the attack in Niece, London, Orlando, 147 killed in Keny...morea school attack, Sweden truck attack, Military Base attack by Islamic doctor. Go to Wikipedia and enter List of terrorist incidents in 2016 and they break it down by Month.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply You don't have to Charlie Habdo if your not a Muslim, they want you to convert or kill you, Your just not at the top of the list. I know this is an older video, but the girls at the Concert will 22 girls were killed and 59 injured, didn't speak out against ISLAM. Or the people run over weren't on the list for speaking out either. If your not a Muslim were all on the list. That is what people need to consider. The same with every terrorist attack, they were on the list. The I'm Charlie didn't send a strong enough message I agree.
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