Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Old School): Polis Massa - Birth Of The Rebellion - SO MANY REBELS - Surrounded - Part 14

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  • [ – ] ShaxxUK reply I always used to think that Polis Massa was haunted by a ghost in this game when I was younger. I can't remember where then stemmed from. Do you know any stories or anything?
    • [ – ] whako parent reply Haha that's good to hear I always had different stuff from the game when I was a kid. From stories you mean from this map or Star Wars as a whole? Cause I know a crap ton and keep learning more from the theory guys everyday.
      • [ – ] ShaxxUK parent reply It was just on Polis Massa. I used to never play it because I was scared of the ghosts. I would only play it with other people.
        • [ – ] whako parent reply Ah I see not sure about the ghosts or such. It can be quick spooky from the way you exit the fields and it reveals space and suffocates you, but I'll some research on this and get back to you.
          • [ – ] ShaxxUK parent reply Cheers. Im going to put a post up on reddit's SWBF subreddit. Going to see if other people had it.
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