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What’s the best way to migrate my channel from another platform?

Vidme makes it easy to transfer content from other platforms using our URL upload tool. Simply copy and paste the URL of your original video into our upload module. When moving over your entire library we recommend only uploading a few videos per day. Spacing out your uploads gives your content a greater chance at discovery via the recent video feeds.

How do I become a verified channel?

Just visit vid.me/verified and follow the instructions there. Someone will reply to you via email once our team has had a chance to review your application. You should hear back from us within about 24 hours (maybe a little longer if it’s over the weekend).

What does it mean to be verified?

Check out vid.me/verified to review all the awesome perks that come with being verified.

How do I get my videos featured on the front page?

Email us at creators@vid.me to have one of your videos considered for feature on the front page. Before you submit, make sure your profile is complete with an avatar and cover photo so your channel looks spiffy while it’s in the spotlight. While we’d love to feature every request, that’s unfortunately not possible. Please don’t get discouraged if we don’t pick your video to be featured.

How do I upload videos?

You can upload videos with our iPhone app, Android app, or right here on the Vidme website. There also other apps and tools built on Vidme to check out.

How do I become a featured channel?

We love channels that are actively engaged with the Vidme community, are positive contributors to the public discourse, and are updated regularly. Weird and unusual content doesn’t hurt either :) If this describes your channel, email us at creators@vid.me to be considered!

How do I increase engagement on my videos and get more followers?

Always share your videos on social media to help maximize their reach. Ask viewers to like and follow your channel in your videos and/or video descriptions. Also make sure to comment on and upvote other creators’ videos (but please don’t spam them)...hopefully they’ll return the favor! And remember to post your videos in /r/videos and /r/vidmeos and join the unofficial Vidme Discord where you can interact with other Vidme creators.

How do I connect with other creators?

Explore the Vidme community and upvote and comment on the videos of creators you love. You can also use Vidme messaging to contact them directly. Don’t forget to follow them on their other platforms too. We’re always working on new tools to help creators discover each other’s channels and connect more easily.

How do I message other creators?

On the web, you’ll find an envelope icon near the top of the channel page of all Vidme creators. Click to open the messaging module. To review your entire inbox, click your avatar at the top right of your browser window. If you’re receiving undesirable messages, you can mute users here. Messaging is not currently available on iOS or Android.

How do #hashtags work?

Hashtags help people find your video more easily using Vidme search. It’s usually best to include them at the end of your video description.

How do I receive tips?

For now, only verified channels are eligible to receive tips. Visit vid.me/earn for more information about our tipping beta.

How do I redeem my tips?

Email us at creators@vid.me if you want to cash out and we’ll arrange to transfer funds to you via Paypal. Vidme holds all tipped money in separate account.

What are points?

Points are calculated by adding together the number of upvotes you’ve received on your videos and comments.

Will I keep my gold star badge if I’m rotated out of the featured channels panel?

Yes! If your channel is rotated out of the featured channels panel, you’ll still hang on to the gold star badge on your channel page. You earned it!

What video formats do you support?

Vidme supports pretty much any video format. If you run into a problem while uploading, just email us at hello@vid.me and someone from our team will help you troubleshoot.

How do I upload/edit thumbnails?

Click the three dots under the video player and choose “Edit thumbnail.” Here, you can either select a frame from the video to be used as your thumbnail or you can upload a custom one.

What’s the aspect ratio for thumbnails?


What size should my profile photo be?

Anything larger than 100 x 100 should work.

What size should my cover photo be?

1200x800 should work well. Please note that the cover photo takes up the full page width, so some of it may be clipped depending on the size of your browser window. If you want to make it a centered logo, you may want to upload a cover photo that's designed with some extra space around the edges.

Can I post the same content to Vidme and to other platforms?


What if I have other questions?

Email us at creators@vid.me with any other questions.

How can I get some Vidme swag?

It’s coming soon! OG creators will get the best stuff.