Forest Garden Chickens - Doing What Comes Naturally. Gallinas del bosque comestible

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  • [ – ] MeditationChannel reply Thank you for sharing a beautiful video. They have some exquisite hair styles :)
    • [ – ] Pavlovafowl parent reply Hi there! Thanks so much for your comments, much appreciated. I can't imagine the garden without them and yes they have some wonderful hair styles and thus they do really well even in snow as they have their own hats! All the very best from a rather chilly day in France. P.S. We used to live in Scotland, so I watched your Scottish Meditation Video with a great deal of nostalgia for the snow - it looked very cold though!
      • MeditationChannel parent reply Wow, you watched one of my videos, thank you so much I really do appreciate it. Yes Scotland was amazing but yes very cold indeed. Now that you mention it they do look like cute little hats lol. Im so glad we found your channel and so are the children..
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